The Martial Arts Academy of Marin

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done martial arts before. How will I know if Karate is right for me?
I heard from a friend that styles like Aikido, or Tai Chi are better because they don't hit people. Is a non-violent martial art better ?
I've always loved the idea of Karate. I once tried a class, but the high speed kicks & punches thrown in my direction scared me. How do I overcome this ?
I used to train in another Karate style, and have a belt rank from my old school. I want to start at the Martial Arts Academy, but don't want to begin as a white belt. Do you have a belt integration program?
I read that Karate is hard and linear style, while King Fu is soft and circular, making it the better of the two. Is this true?
All over the internet I see people emphasizing one style over another, like grappling vs. striking. Which one is the best choice for me?
​Your stule looks similar to Shotokan. Is it the same?
​What are the benefits of learning Karate?
Do you fight at The Martial Arts Academy?


Punches & Strikes

Straight Lunge Punch: Oi-Tsuki
Straight Reverse Punch: Gyaku-Tsuki
Hook Punch: Kagi-Tsuki
Uppercut Punch: Ura-Tsuki
Vertical Fist Straight Punch: Tate-Tsuki
Spear Hand Straight Thrust: Nukite
Elbow Strike: Empi-Uchi

Forearm Blocks

Downward Block: Gedan-Barai
Inside Middle Block: Chudan Uchi-Uke
Outside Middle Block: Chudan Soto-Uke
Upper Block: Jodan-Age-Uke
Midline Knife Hand Block: Chudan-Shuto-Uke
X-Block: Juji-Uke
Double Inside Middle Block: Morote-Uke


Front Snap Kick: Mae-Geri
Roundhouse Kick: Mawashi-Geri
Side Kick: Yoko-Geri
Back Kick: Ushiro-Geri
Knee Strike: Hiza-Geri


Horse Stance: Kiba-Dachi
Front Stance: Zenkutsu-Dachi
Back Stance: Kokutsu-Dachi
Cat Stance: Nekoashi-Dachi
Fighting Stance: Kame

Numbers 1-10

1: Ichi
2: Ni
3: San
4: Shi (Yon)
5: Go
6: Roku
7: Shichi
8: Hachi
9: Kyuu
10: Juu
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