The Martial Arts Academy of Marin

The Martial Arts Academy

Kids Karate

Classes open for ages 5-11Held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
​Tuition: $125/month

Teaching Approach & Dojo Philosophy

A Lineage School

We all want what’s best for our children. The Martial Arts Academy of Marin is a True Lineage School, where your child will be properly educated in the ways of the martial arts, with respect, discipline, tradition, responsibility, strategy, and proper decision making skills. These are Life Skills they can carry with them into their adulthood. Nothing prepares you for any life circumstances like Karate or Martial Arts training. There is no college or specialty degree that even comes close, and your discipline will serve you at all stages of your life. More than just fitness and self defense, it offers a complete education beyond that, including diet, rejuvenation, psychology of the Martial Arts, physics and leverage via body movement, body language study, etiquette, history, cultural studies and more. This helps set the stage for years of life long health, positive interactions, work ethic, friendship, and unity with their communities.


Today’s youths are growing up in an unparalleled modern society, with boundless opportunity. Yet despite all of the wonderful things modern day living offers, it often presents other unforeseen challenges. Our environment is becoming more urban and technologically oriented. Social interaction is often challenged by smart devices and social media. Children have tremendous energy that needs to be channeled in a healthy and constructive manner.

The traditional teachings by the ancient Okinawan and Japanese masters is a great way to help your child to learn to focus, and to build critical thinking and social interaction skills. This starts with having the right kind of teacher. Having a clear set of standards of behavior and goal setting, helps a student and teacher bond where they can thrive. The founder of The Martial Arts Academy of Marin, Will Yturriaga has remained close to his Sensei since 1987, often seeking his counsel. This proper master-apprentice relationship fills critical gaps we all need in today’s institutionalized society, where personal mentorship can make all the difference.

Respect. Compassion. Gratitude.

In Kids Karate, kids will be learning to use your martial arts realistically is obviously important. While we do teach children how to use it in self defense and combat, it is also important to remember with great power also comes great responsibility. This idea, combined with expert instruction of Respect, Compassion, and Gratitude are the core values taught. Rigorous discipline helps children learn order. Also, the ability to learn from mistakes in a constructive manner while understanding the value of earning a higher rank, and accomplishing goals at the same time. The results helps them learn proper conduct, manners, and trains them to become leaders of themselves, and to help those in need.

Building a Healthy Future

Regular Martial Arts practice builds mental toughness and flexibility at the same time! Also producing robust health and provides great stress relief at the end of a long school day. It is important to understand these attributes are life skills that stay with children in every step of their lives. We all want our children to be happy and healthy, and this is exactly what our Shorinji-Ryu Karate system offers them. Whether it is as simple as learning how to fall safely without injury, think critically or build strategy, protect others, or recognize bullying and stopping it before it can begin, all of these skills learned carry over into other sports, schooling and career practices. When your children grow up to take charge of a team, they will have the appropriate skillset to do so!
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